What a fantastic way to spend half a day!

On Saturday, a coworker and fellow closet nerd joined me in attending the Experience Music Project’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival – EMP SFFSFF. This annual event features 20 short films, ranging from 1 to 15 minutes in length, all with some kind of science fiction or fantasy connection. As you know from my last post, I have a fondness in my heart for short films featuring super heroes. Apparently, I am not rare in Seattle, as even getting to the Cinerama almost an hour early we did not get me a seat on the first level. Both sessions were sold out.

In high school, I helped a friend create a short film for our “literature onto film” class. Even though it was his idea, I kinda took over lots of it by writing, directing, editing, and acting the lead role. I’m pretty sure he got an “A” for my efforts. In fact, it took so much time that my own project for the class sucked. Despite the fact than in addition to having a great time making that short film, and given that my grandparents owned a small chain of second run movie theaters, I never pursued films as a profession or even a hobby.

Fast forward to 2011, where I found myself at DragonCon in Atlanta. A panel I had waited to see didn’t live up to my expectations, and I decided to just wander the convention looking for something interesting. Feeling tired, but not wanting to fight crowds, I decided to go to their short film festival mostly to sit down. When they started showing the sci fi shorts, I was awestruck. I sat there for the next 5 hours watching a continuous stream of short films. Some were fantastic, some sad, some sucked, some were too long, and others too short. Regardless, I was hooked.

In 2013 I happened upon the Experience Music Project’s Sci Fi Fantasy Short Film Festival (#SFFSFF). I bought two tickets and dragged my wife to six hours of nerd heaven. This was amazing! I then started watching all the short videos I could find on Vimeo, shortoftheweek.com, youtube, or from various short film iPhone apps. My first project on kickstarter was for a short film made in the Pacific Northwest. My favorite from last year was called “Giant Monster Playset” and was about two boys saving the world from an attacking monster. It was filmed by their dad, which obviously connected with me about what my boys and I could do. As I was writing this post, I saw that Giant Monster Playset has been posted to YouTube! Feel free to watch it here after you finish reading this post.

This year, the films of SFFSFF 2014 did not disappoint. My favorite, and the one I voted for, was called Honeymoon suite and based in Beijing. The trailer is available here. Voiceover was fun, as was Bless You.

I am looking forward to SFFSFF 2015. Who wants to join me?

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