Darkis meets Rediss – the blog post

We encourage fantastical thinking in the Hansen household. There is no limit to the amount of support and encouragement I give my kids around anything creative, myth, fantasy, and super heroes. Beyond just being fun, these topics allow my kids to think about the “what’s possible?” and “what if this were true?” types of questions. I also like to show them that with hard work, ingenuity, and action it’s amazing what we can do.

We also like movies. Outside of major life events, I think I received the most supportive Facebook comments when I announced that the boys and I were having the “summer of Star Wars” in which we watched all six feature films as well as The Clone Wars animated series. In fact, I knew the boys accepted Vicky into their life when they wanted her to watch “How to Train Your Dragon” with them during quiet time. We are in a digital and visual age, and I think having skills around communicating, story telling, and digital technology will take the boys far.

For months, Zack (when he just turned 7) used to sneak around our house at night dressed up in a black costume, calling himself “Darkis” and spying on us. We decided to see what we could do with this energy, and so we had him write a story. The result of that activity was the script for Darkis Meets Rediss. Based on his excitement, and a free Sunday afternoon, we decided to film the live action Darkis meets Rediss. We had a ton of fun, and the boys are incredibly proud of their creation. It took me a while to edit the whole thing together, but I was pretty happy with what we could film just using our iPhones and household items.

We had a premier for this film, and his friends loved it. Several have been clamoring to make a film with Zack! In fact, we are in negotiations to add his good friend into the sequel titled Darkis and Rediss meet Blueis.

Before watching the short film, I’d like to remind you that a seven year old wrote the entire story himself with no guidance from the adults. Everything came from his imagination. The only changes we made to his script had to do around props and limitations in filming.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you Darkis Meets Rediss.

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