Fact or Fiction

My wife asked me “Do you think you risk sharing too much about yourself on your blog?”
I reply “No, because it’s fiction.”
“It’s fiction?”
“of course. I write fiction. Everyone knows this is fiction.”
“Well …” she hesitates. “It seems like you write about real things on your blog. My friends read this blog.”
“I know. It’s supposed to seem real. I once read that the best fiction sounds real, and the best non fiction sounds fake.”
“I’m not sure you’re writing fiction.”
“You don’t? Why not?”
“Because everything you’ve written about so far is true. It has all really happened in the way you describe it. You’ve told me all about everything you’ve written about.”
“Hmm. That can’t be right. I’m sure I’ve made up plenty right here on this blog.”
“Okay, honey.”

As I have read through my past posts, I can see what she means. The major events described have in fact happened to me, and are not just snippets from my imagination. However, dear reader, I can assure you this is fiction. The best lie is 99% true, and I have endeavored to supply no more than 99% factual truth. If, you’ve read something and wondered if I was writing about you, that would not be possible. As they have been known to say, any similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental and unintended. No Kimberly, I was not talking about you with that post the other day, and George there is no reason to think I would ever blame something like that on you! Please bear in the mind that this blog is fiction, with a 99% basis in reality. I write this to put structure on myself and to try my hand at something other than status reports and technical specifications.

Now, about that $6 check …

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