I didn’t know anyone at a party I hosted

So there I was, quickly falling asleep with a snoring baby on my chest. The din of the guests hinting at the gathering outside the master bedroom door. I must be getting old, as I’m choosing to snooze with my daughter rather than play the host. My wife enjoys playing hostess; I’m sure we’re fine.

Let me take a step back. My Saturday started off as normal. After picking up the boys from swimming, I drove my oldest to his appointment an hour away for his specialized working memory program that is quite fascinating. I was killing time with my youngest having a coffee and brownie at the Panera Bread. Note, I think of my youngest boy as my youngest, even though I have a baby. He is playing with my tablet while I’m getting some work done on my laptop. My wife sends me a text reminding me to pick up the babysitter tonight at 6:30. Babysitter?  What for?

It turns out, we’re hosting a party. Yay, fun! Who’s coming over?  Are you sure that the entire guest list of full of people I don’t know? I mean, yeah, I kinda know one of the couples but that almost doesn’t count. So, we dropping a couple hundred bucks on food and drinks for a bunch of strangers? Ok, nothing new there. I love ya, honey.

The fuller story is that my wife has friends, who after nine years in Seattle, are moving back to the East Coast to be closer to family. Given that I returned to the West Coast ten years ago for similar reasons, I completely understand the move and wish them well. Of course I will throw them a party. We had a nice time hosting a house full of Physician’s Assistants (and by the way, those PAs can really put back some beer). For most of the party, we were able to pass my daughter around, as all of the guests were also parents and loved the chance to hold the baby.

Finally, for her, enough was enough and she needed to go to bed. I got her in pjs and started to get her ready for bed. Of course, in the process, I fell asleep myself. It’s quite rare for me to fall asleep with a house full of strangers. In fact, that hasn’t happened since my fraternity days! I have no advice for how you yourself would be able to host a party for strangers, but if you find yourself in that situation I highly recommend it.



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