With the birth of my little girl only a few days away, it is unsurprising that I’ve spent many waking hours thinking about purpose. While I’m not new to the parenting rodeo, I think it is natural to think about setting an example, and wanting your offspring to have a good role model. If I’m going to spend time showing my children how to be a good adult, I may as well figure out what kind of adult I am going to be. I’ll let you know when I have that figured out.

In the mean time, while I am working on figuring out my life’s purpose, I am going to spend some time thinking about the blog’s purpose. A few years ago, when I was training to run my first marathon, the theme of my blog was simply stories about running. That event was exhausting, and I had many accomplishments along the way. In some ways, the blog wrote itself in those days simply because of my sheer number of accomplishments.

A newer purpose in my life is to live out loud. This is something I am not good at, as I typically don’t share with people around me. When I got remarried, I only told two people from work about it. Most found out when I changed my Facebook status to married.  I’ve been less secretive about the pregnancy, but even then when work threw a surprise baby shower a dozen of my coworkers told me they had no idea we were expecting. Also, while just about everyone knows we are expecting, very few of my friends and acquaintances know how difficult it was for us to get pregnant. Vicky was told her AMH hormone level was too low to get pregnant with her own eggs, I had an uncommonly high level of defective swimmers, doctors wouldn’t prescribe fertility drugs, and her tubes were blocked. Things were not looking well. We went through several rounds of IUI before writing a large check and starting IVF. I gave Vicky up to 7 shots a day, she felt horrible, and we only had a 40% chance of this actually working. We caught a lucky break when it was time to harvest eggs, and we not only are pregnant from our parts, but have six (6) more blasts hanging out in the freezer just in case. The six months we spent with all the ups and downs were exhausting. Luckily, those six had a purpose, leading to the past nine months that we’ve spent getting ready for this little girl.

I am not planning on making this blog just about my little girl, just about my boys, or just about making a modern blended family work. I do intend to write about those things, as I intend to write this blog with purpose. I am going to write about my family, my job, my writing progress, my exercise progress, and my attempts to pull in some residual income. Here is an early step in living out loud, and making purpose a focus.

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