The top ten things that are on my mind

I don’t know about anyone else, but I do know that I tend to keep a lot of things bouncing around in my head. I’m not really sure how to let go of some of these items, which would allow me to focus on the here and the now. If I did know, I wouldn’t need to write this post! I feel like Luke Skywalker being chastised by Yoda.

“For eight-hundred years have I trained Jedi! This one… a long time have I watched. All his life as he looked away… to the future… to the horizon; Never his mind on where he was. What he was doing. You are reckless!”

So, here are the ten things that take up brain processing power these days. My hope is that by writing these down, they’ll start taking up less space. I also think that maybe many of you have similar challenges.

1) Work
Most of my day is spent here, and since it is my primary source of income it is not surprising I spend many brain cycles on this. My real challenge here is that I often think about work when I am not at work, and often think about other parts of life when I am at work. It’d be great if I could just think about work when I am there, and not at all when I am not.

2) Weight
I’m down 20+ pounds from my max weight, but am still about 35 pounds away from my goal. I exercise daily, eat whole foods, and try to avoid junk, but still battle with weight. I wonder what my per mile pace would be if I carried 40 fewer pounds on the pavement.

3) Food
See point #2 above. I am not always successful with avoiding the junk.

4) Is my wife getting enough social time while taking care of the baby?
I am as introverted as they come, thus it would be appropriate for my wife to be as extroverted as they come. For every minute that I just want things to be quiet so I can read, she is busy planning a party. Looking back on watching the boys when they were little, it was really isolating taking care of them on my own. The last thing this introvert wants is an isolated extrovert! My wife does go to work during the day, and we parent together well, but is often watching the baby alone when I am working on the PTA and coaching soccer practice.

5) Where are we spending our money
I don’t consider myself cheap, nor frugal. I don’t panic over every penny, but I’m nearing my prime earning years and would like to see my savings account grow exponentially from where it is now.

6) Where do I send the boys to school
My oldest has a learning disability, my youngest (boy) is working on his speech, and my daughter is still an infant. Where is the best place to put them? More importantly, what is the best way to help them and am I equipping them to be successful as adults?

7) Who is taking the boys to soccer and baseball
Granted, this is a tactical problem, but boy do their activities cause logistical nightmares.

8) What can I teach the boys
I feel like I’ve gained wisdom over the years, and would have accomplished significantly more if I “knew then what I know now.” What of these can I teach to the boys? What do they need to learn and experience on their own? Can I be impactful only seeing them half the week?

9) How is the market doing
I work at a stock brokerage. My mind is never far away from the market; nor how my investments are doing.

10) Have I forgotten anything?
It seems like I am asking myself this question once an hour of so.

I expect that you may have similar questions running through your minds on a daily basis. Any suggestions on how to get those jumbled thoughts out and focus on the present?